So you have a lot of options if you are looking to buy smat phone under 20,000 as the most of the smartphones offers you a good performance with great camera and specification so to  your decisions more simple here are our picks for the best smartphones on your page 20,000in 2019

[5] NOKIA 7.1

Starting from the number  5 we had in NOKIA 7.1 the nokia 7.1 feature a 5.8 , 4 inches full HD plus display with a not at runs on Android 8.1 audio this device is powered by distant presence 636 processor paired with a 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabytes of storage or with that it has a three thousand 16 million power battery on the rail you will get a 12 plus 5 megapixel rear facing camera and a 8meagpixel fron facing camera it has a compatible sate with a glass sandwich design which looks quite binyam plus it is Android one satisfied with make  this smartphones one of the best smartphones and rupees 20,000


At next we have Asus zenfone  next- and – zenfone max pro m2  worthless successor of the next to emphone this handset is powed by the snapdragon 660 processor  and comes in the three variants of 3gb RAM 4gb RAM and 6gb RAM with a 32 gb  and 64 gb of storage period further this smartphone has a massive 5000 bob battery on the rear you will find a 12 + 5 megapixels  dual rear cameras with a rear mounted fingerprints scandal  you t 13 megapixel front facing camaera in the terms of software you get stop and joy of roll sample maxpro m2 is the best martphones at its price range


Next we have the xiaomi  me a to the xiaomi me a2 is the successir of the me a 1 comes with a snapdragon  616 possessive it have a 4 and 6 gigabytes of ram variat it has a slim profile and at all it is till 9 test play talking about the specs it has a five point nine nine inches Full HD Plus display on the rear you will get a 12 plus 20 megapixel rear  facing camera talking about deep battery it has 3000 milliamp up pantry however the absence of headphone jack and an average battery life stop the pat of the phone this phone to become the top dog in this segment  but still this smartphone is the one of the best smartphones at last segment


Applets we have the honor play on the play is really aimed at the gameis as it come with the flagship kiran 917 purse alson along with the wawa’s GPU Turbo technology talking about the specs it has six point three inch full HD plus display with an odd desigs comes with as four gigabytes of RAM at 64 gigabytes of storage and runs on android  8.1  or you on the rail you  even get 16 plus 2 megapixel rear facing camera and 16 megapixel front – facing camera talking  about the battery you  will get three thousand sven hundred an fifteen millon pub pantry


Final at number one  we have this xiaomi pOKO f1 also called  the polak f1 is the best value for money smartphones availablel in the market  this entert comes with a flagship great snapdragoan 850 processor and with six gigabytes and eightgigabytes of RAM variants ralking about the specs this markings has a six point one eight inches full at display with are not a sings and turn on Android 8.1 audio on the rail you will get 12 plus 5 megapixel dual rear cameras and a 20 megapixel single front facing camera at as the banty concern it has a massive four thousand millamp hour battery all over with sanpdragon 805 processor and a decent cameras and     massive 4 thousand millamp hour battery the paco  foon f1 is the best man rupeese 20,000